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We are a trustworthy manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Dehydrated White Onion, Red Onion, Pink Onion, etc.

About Us
People frequently ask if dehydrated veggies lose their nutritional value, and the answer of this question might surprise you. Are you aware that pound for pound, dehydrated vegetables have nearly the identical nutritional content as fresh? Yes, Dehydrated food is not just a tasty way of consuming the suggested serving of veggies & fruits, but are also easy on the wallet as well as environment. Before even acquiring to the dehydration phase, it all outsets with the optimal produce accessible, at the peak of nutrition & freshness. We, New Indian Dehydrates, founded in 2015, are offering the same. Working as the noted Exporter, Manufacturer and Supplier of Dehydrated Onion, Dehydrated White Onion, Dehydrated White Onion Flakes etc.

We are provisioned with a best-in-class facility and process our products under the controlled directions of accomplished workers. As a newbie company, we believe in making long lasting business relations with our valuable customers.

Our Vision & Mission
Our vision is to emerged as the foremost firm of the world, which can offer superior quality along with consistency and safety in food quality. We are pledged for providing safe as well as hygienic food to our esteemed patrons and holding the befitting sanitation and personal hygiene. Meeting the relevant statutory and the regulatory needs, we perpetrate for the development of a sustainable supply unit, with high grade food standard certifications.

Quality Concern
We have developed a comprehensive set of schemes so as to the insure the fulfillment of customer quality specifications. The quality team of ours has a strong focus on sourcing the optimal qualities, managing full traceability and fully integrating quality control in our supply chain. As a consequence, we are in a specific position to provide best quality food products to the clients. Dedicated to offer optimal quality product range of dehydrated onion, garlic & vegetables, our inspection procedures ensure that only qualitative raw ingredients have been used.

Our Process

  • Grading & Peeling: The onion stacks are stratified as per the quality & size and then peeled. The topmost layer of the raw onion stalks are separated.
  • Washing & Slicing: The peeled vegetables are washed via agitation and are then chopped in the slicing machine. Strict hygiene can be maintained while washing.
  • Drying: Sliced onions are fed in the imperial dryer for dehydration without making any effect on the the taste & pungency.
  • Kibbling & Sorting: The products are shifted to clean air conditioned spaces as well as fed into the kibbling machines so as to acquire the kibbled form. The skins are then abstracted from the kibbled with the utilization of blowers. After this, manual sorting is carried out to take away all further impurities.
  • Sizing: In accordance with the buyer specification, the kibbled go through the procedures of milling & sizing. The eatables are separated into minced, chopped and granules with the usage of gyrator screens.
  • Packing: The processed products are sealed & weighed in food-grade & moisture proof poly bags so as to ensure they are safe & healthy even after exporting.